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Little, Cute & Lasts Forever

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If I’m being honest,
it went from “let's help the environment” 
to treasure hunting, quickly.

I was equally disgusted and excited.

If you take your empty yogurt container
out to Unity Island on any day of the year,
you can find trash.

Granted, I’ve only been here since August,
but we’ve spent a lot of quality time together.
It was one of the first places
I intentionally came to when I arrived.

I thought “oh, island!”

You cross a one lane bridge alongside
the International Railroad.
You pass under its tracks that cut
through the center of the island.
If you continue until the road ends,
you will find yourself in a small paved lot.
Follow the path along Niagara River
and you will see an assorted arrangement of plastics.

Majority of it is garbage,
but if you look long enough
you could find a pink rose,
a miniature turquoise hairbrush,
a squirrel pencil topper.

As I scan the ground for colorful fragments
I am rarely disappointed. No land is untouched.

Small plastic might be the singular thread
that connects the work,
but the range of interpretation speaks to
an insurmountable phenomenon.

One our children’s children’s children will not escape.
One our landscapes will forever be scarred by.

Plastic doesn’t comply with borders nor will its impact.
Plastic found here in Buffalo, New York can be found
in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Porto, Portugal.

Where is the origin?
Will you speculate with me?
You might find you’re unable to unsee